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Re: Fedora 6 , Background

Very nice work !!!

On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 19:04 +0530, Rahul wrote:
Diana Fong wrote:
> Done...literally in a day with no sleep...though...maybe two because 
> Mola is ahead by 8 hours. Hope you guys like it.  
> http://people.redhat.com/dfong/fc6graphics/
> DNA idea from Mairin.
> A HUGE thank you to Mola for experimenting and help setting the look 
> with his 3D modeling and rendering (Blender).  Thank you so much Mola!
> Also would like to thank John Baer as well for experimenting with a 
> different look and feel.  I think in FC7, there will be a lot of 
> interesting approaches from many talented people. =)
> Diana...

Good work. The "Fedora" text is Anaconda image has a 3D blend while the 
rest of them dont and some of the text in other images appear dithered. 
The blue progress bar in RHGB doesnt match the rest of the blue in the 


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