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Re: GRUB Advice

John Baer wrote:

I've tested some GRUB images but the quality is not what I hoped for. Would it be possible for you to post a how-to for myself and others to follow?

The truth is, not all images are born equal :p
There is *no way* to take a full color photo and convert it to 16 colors and have it still looking good. OTOH, a drawing will convert much better as it already uses very few colors. The best thing is to plan ahead and have in mind from the beginning what you need, make use of as little as possible colors and gradients. Maybe have two variants of the image: on with few colors and another one without limitation and use each image where is appropriate.

I am using GIMP to build my image with a 16 color pallet but I am unsure what dithering option to select and I am unsure if the choice of colors has an impact on image quality.

GIMP have 4 options for dithering and for each image another one may produce the best result, so you really have to experiment.

Use this as a starting point: http://gug.sunsite.dk/tutorials/tomcat15/ , it is about reducing to 256 colors, but it may be useful.

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