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Re: Fedora 6 , Background

Igor Jagec wrote:
Diana Fong wrote:

Here's a screenshot [3]...there's an extra piece of text "Linux" which I can't seem to get rid of...if someone could take a look? Here's the greeter theme [4].
[1] http://art.gnome.org/themes/gdm_greeter/1201
[2] http://art.gnome.org/themes/gdm_greeter/1266
[3] http://people.redhat.com/dfong/fc6reGraphics/Screenshot1.png
[4] http://people.redhat.com/dfong/fc6reGraphics/BlueSwirl.zip

It looks nice, but it's too dark. It looks black on my Samsung 757NF,
rather than dark blue (as it probably should). I prefer lighter colors
myself, such as Fedora Bubbles theme.


Yup...been getting a few reports of it being too dark. Am working on lightening it up a bit...though it probabaly won't be as light as the Fedora Bubbles. I will post when I've finished the modifications. =) The GDM is also fixed...apparently "Linux" appears due to a tagging difference. Hehe...


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