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Re: Fedora 6 , Background

Joachim Frieben wrote:

Due to several reports of it looking very dark on CRTs and the like...I'm working on a "lighter" version. Therefore most of the graphics and background colors will be redone. But I'll add these to my list to double check against the final.
And please also have a look at the "rhgb" logo whose background should fit
the surrounding blue and not be (approximately) black.
rhgb logo? are you referring to the rhgb-closed graphics? the system-logo in that portion has a transparent background.

The "grub" splashscreen definitely needs to be worked out for 14 colors
unless one does not care about a huge difference between the "grub"
background rendered on the screen and the "splash.xpm" displayed with "eog"
and the like.
will look into it...
The boot loader entries are now displayed on top of a completely black
background and a pixelish part of a helix showing psychedelic colors.
The "Boot loader" you mention is referring to which screen? If it is Screen1, syslinux-splash...then yes, I'm working on it =) If it's another screen let me know...so I can add to my fix list.

Thanks for the feedback.


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