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Re: Fedora 6 , Background

Nicu Buculei wrote:
Diana Fong wrote:

And about the Boot loader (aka GRUB splash) mentioned in your previous email. Finally saw it...psychedelic colors indeed. O_O The 16 colors worked for the Syslinux-splash but not with GRUB...looking into it...will post resolution after it's figured out.

It may be because it need 14 colors instead of 16? (I had such psychedelic colors when tried 256 colors, converted to 14 and all went fine)

Yea...I'm not entirely sure either. I saved it again via the Gimp and manually set the black & white within the 16 color palette. That seem to have fixed the problem.

I intend to review all the specifications required for the theme change before opening FC7 design to the community. Hopefully by doing that we can eliminate the technical confusion and focus on the artwork.


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