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Fedora Core/Extras 6CD/DVD cover art

Hi all,

Fedora Core 6 release looms, and people are planning celebrations,
including Fedora install parties

It seems it will be a dark blue release. Thanks for the new theming!

Unfortunately Fedora cover art is stuck in the current bubblish light
blue era :

This will seriously diminish the appeal of the shiny disks we want to

Fortunately Core 6 isos are not available yet, so there is still some
time left. I'm asking you talented people to create some new CD/DVD art:

1. it should follow the new DNA theme
2. it should use the minimum possible number of colours - getting
pressed CD/DVD printed is usually a per colour expense. 4 colours is the
maximum acceptable for the French marketing team, 2-3 ideal.
3. it should be locale-neutral or easily localisable
4. (optional) a Fedora Extras 6 variant (with different main colour)
would be nice too

If enough local installfests take place the pressed DVD leftovers can
probably feed the Freemedia program.


Nicolas Mailhot

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