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Re: Fedora Core/Extras 6CD/DVD cover art

Thomas Canniot wrote:
After discussing on IRC with Diana, we came to conclusion for the
following deadline :

september 25th : deadline for submission
25 to 29th september : finalisation of the suggested artwork

I have to give the art team the following elements : * How a gradient it managed by the manufacturer ?

I've worked with various printers before I've never had issues getting gradients printed. A gradient with one color to transparency is considered 1 color. A gradient from one color to another is considered 2 colors.

The above is, of course, on paper. I don't know about printing on DVDs but I'd imagine it's similar.

* It is considered as a 2 colors artwork or not ? * Has the printer a template ? * What kind of file they would like to have ? * If it is possible to print artworks as well on paper cases.

The current svg on the website is AFAIK the template that was used to print on a paperboard DVD slipcase.

I played around a bit in inkscape - attaching the results, anyone can feel free to play with it.


PNG image


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