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Re: Fedora Core/Extras 6CD/DVD cover art

Le samedi 09 septembre 2006 à 09:47 +0200, Thomas Canniot a écrit :
> Le vendredi 08 septembre 2006 à 23:39 +0200, Thomas Canniot a écrit :

> I just found the website of one manufacturer the following pdf files : 
> http://www.duplication-cd.net/uploadSupport/fiche_technique_dupli-cd.pdf
> http://www.duplication-cd.net/uploadSupport/GABARIT%20POUR%20IMPRESSION%
> They are in French /o\ but they habe many informations.
> I'll try to translate the biggest this afternoon.

Her is what the pdf contains. I only retained information useful for the

The accepted digital files accepted must have been made with : 
InDesign 2
Illustrator 10
Photoshop 6
Acrobat 5.0

All colours must be defined as CMJN Euroscale or Pantone colours.

Please consider white as a true colour.

Density between colours should be kept between 15% and 85% not to loose
too much details.

Texts minimal size : 4 pt
Line minimal size : 0.2 mm

Illustrator files : 
* Vector objects : 800 pp by default.
* Caracteristics : see Photoshop file format indications.
* Colours must be quadri and/or direct tones (Pantone nuancier couché or
not) exclusively.
* No quadri colors with an inking rate above 280%
* Over printing of black : check the dialog box about background and /
or boarder (or about transparency box in other Illustrator versions)
* Vectorize all fonts.
* Use the "info on this file" to validate the document.
* Saving files : EPS file format
	Compatibility : lat version
	Preview : 8 bits
	Postscript : level 2
	Check box "include imported images" if there are some.

Photoshop Files :
* Images in CMJN colour or grey levels : 300dpi
* Images in bichromie with "tramés" : 300dpi
* Images in Bitmat mode or in bichromie with no "tramé" : 1200dpi
* Becareful : no 256 colours only images or in RVG will be accepted.
This exclude file formats such as : JPG, PCX, BMP, GIF, PPT, DOC
* Maximal inking rate : 280 %
* Avoid text under photoshop with a size under 24 pts. Texts are better
made with Illustrator and should be made with it.

Do not include printing surface (boarder + blank center)
Printings on CD directly in Photoshop, files having been reimported.

* Vectorised draws saved as masks : nothing to enter.
* Direct colour tones, other than CMJN, must be chosen exclusively une
the Pantone nuanciers (couché or not)

* Saving Files : 
	Photoshop EPS : 8 Bits, binary coding
	Tiff : non compression
	CMJN files, with direct tone surfaces : DCS 2.0

I hope everything is understandable, my dictionnaries are 100km far from
me. :/

Thomas Canniot

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