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Fedora Core/Extras 6CD/DVD cover art


For those who would like to submit artwork to the Fedora Core 6 CD/DVD
and jewel case initiative I believe some additional information is

1. Drawing specification
   - Using Mairin's submission as an example the dimension of a jewel
     case cover is 799 x 395 @ 96dpi. Is this correct and what is the
     dimension of CD/DVD cover?

   - Is there a pending issue relative to printing on a CD/DVD? 
     Those items need to be documented.

2. What is the exact text of the disclosure that should appear?
   - CD/DVD media
   - Jewel case covers

Rahul wrote:
> The artwork is good but I dont like the wording. The definition from
> the frontpage of http://fedoraproject.org would be more appropriate.

As a suggestion for a collaborative sharing area I created a wiki page
to hold design criteria and submissions. If this page is not appropriate
or already exists just let me know and I will remove it.


I believe this is a great opportunity to exercise the open source value
of inclusion and I would encourage all to submit their creative ideas
for consideration.



BTW: Do not let the "fedora" font be an issue. Any final adjustments can
be made in this regard if your submission is selected as the desired

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