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Re: Tweaking the FC6 Theme

Rahul wrote:
John Baer wrote:

It is claimed to be dark, satanic, gothic, death metal and futuristic ;-)


With Mola's help, I've been working on modifications for a "lighter" versionI . It did not make test3, but you can check out the wallpaper at [1] and a smaller version at [2]. Please also test this out. If it appears to be ok, I will redo the other pieces based on it.

Yep. Its almost pitch black esp in top left. If you enter a wrong password on the GDM, the message is misaligned too far to the left.


I assume items such as the above can still be remedied under the "Only
critical bugs fixed" clause.

Yes. Pretty much everything posted to Fedora-art-list in the past few days can still be fixed...from the Log-in to the dark images.

If this is true I suggest for those who can install "Test-3" or the DNA
theme in their current environment we provide feedback based on the
hardware (video card/monitor) we are running.

Please note that I have created a lighter version which might solve some of the problems. Though...if any existing pieces do work well, that would also be useful to know so as not to spend time redo-ing things that already work.

Again if this is true, Diana how would you prefer to receive this
information; list server or wiki page?

I was thinking about that today...hmmm....Let's try it as a wiki...this way everything is on one page rather than several emails. =) I can set one up tonight or tomorrow morning with existing feedback and whatnot. Thanks John for proposing this.


[1] http://people.redhat.com/dfong/fc6reGraphics/default02.jpg
[2] http://people.redhat.com/dfong/fc6reGraphics/default02SM.jpg

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