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Re: Fedora Core/Extras 6 CD/DVD Cover Submission

oooo I like :). The two current submissions are very nice, but if I
must choose, I like the first one (by Mairin Duffy) the best.

On 9/12/06, John Baer <baerjj gmail com> wrote:

I submitted Fedora Core/Extras 6 CD/DVD cover art for your
consideration. This submission is a jewel case insert or could be a
CD/DVD sleeve.


Just a couple of comments for your edification. I feel it is important
to identify what fedora is to those who may be unfamiliar with open
source products. Therefore I added the word "Linux" to the cover. In
addition, I feel adding the Fedora project URL the cover added value as
it invites a new user or prospective user to visit the site (Open source
value of inclusion).

The back cover contains the standard legal disclosure clause. If this
effort becomes a jewel case insert, is there value to adding some
marketing information to the inside of the fold?



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