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First Look at Test 3


Downloaded and installed FC6-t3 and it looks good. This is off topic but
I did get hung with the installer the first attempt when I selected add
additional repro's and then clicked <cancel>. The error asked to mount a
drive. I'll check bugzilla.

The performance is great!

I posted some comment's on Diana's wiki page but I will comment here on
what I see as the three items I would focus on.

The syslinux-splash and the GRUB splash (16 color) quality is low. :(
I will experiment with some choices for consideration.

The Red Hat Graphical Boot image seems a little out of place. I would
add some blending ...

Last, it would be nice to add something to the login screen. Perhaps
some minor changes to the background image.

I use Gnome so I am unaware of the KDE effort required. Will a KDE user
offer comments? In addition, I am unaware of any XFCE artwork

All-in-all I believe folks will be pleased.



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