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Minor tweak and an Enhancement


It's just the plight of a programmer. Say you are done and then
something else shows up (lol). I discovered the splash image I liked did
not display as I hoped on my desktop system which uses a 1280x1024
resolution. I remembered the Ubuntu folks struggled with this as they
developed their usplash product and their solution was to crop the image
to 640x400.

With that in mind I created a 640x400 image which blends the default
black background color at the bottom. At this point I have stared at
this too long and can't see the best choice.

In addition, Jiri made a nice improvement to my 640x480 image and I
posted it the whiteboard. Thank you Jiri for your help, I like it! I
posted all of the svg's in an archive to this URL.




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