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Re: DNA theme for new FC6 browser splash page

Hi Dimitris,

Dimitris Glezos wrote:

Quoting from fedora-docs-list:

## Theme

The artwork team did not respond to my request for a better theme
than the current one, so I prepared some themes myself.

I apologize that the art team did not step up; we are a pretty new team at this point and a lot of stuff is unsettled so hopefully next time we'll be a bit more organized.

I tried my
best, given the time I had. I packed their screenshots in a tgz here:


I prefer v3b (current live version) and v3d. The DNA theme might be
nice, but I prefer the first one because it is more pleasant. I'll
send an email to the artwork list for opinions.

v3b looks slick. v3d kind of matches the style of the DNA theme a bit more though (I haven't seen any stripes as in v3b in it) but I think it could look a bit better with a bit less blur. My attempt attached (it's got a bit less blurring going on - it basically just has a drop shadow type thing for the blue bar up top.)


PNG image

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