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Re: DNA theme for new FC6 browser splash page

Máirín Duffy wrote:

So I'm not really sure how much leeway we have with the logo guidelines at all. Since it's still intellectually the property of Red Hat and by using it we are bound to the guidelines we agreed to when we received the files, we really can't change the guidelines.

I know that the logo really has terrible contrast when against say a 50% grey background, but I think all we can do is make the background darker, try dark gradient effects, etc.

What I can do is try to find the correct person at Red Hat to whom we can send a proposal explaining the weaknesses of the guidelines and how we'd like to change the guidelines. What do you think about trying that?

Indeed, like a bug report with the 50% grey background image as a test case but without using Bugzilla. We can try it, if we get WONTFIX as an answer, get over it and accept the constraint.
And using the Bugzilla terminology, the severity is not very high.

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