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Re: DNA theme for new FC6 browser splash page

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
O/H Máirín Duffy έγραψε:
So I'm not really sure how much leeway we have with the logo guidelines
at all. Since it's still intellectually the property of Red Hat and by
using it we are bound to the guidelines we agreed to when we received
the files, we really can't change the guidelines.

I think the logo is just fine. Guidelines should be for keeping things under
control, not stifling innovation.

Right, but guidelines are also for making sure that the logo, including the logotype and logomark, are defensible as trademarked. See, the logo was trademarked as described in the guidelines, so if we start using it outside those guidelines we risk losing the trademark which right now Red Hat would like to protect. This is why we require that every person who would like to use the logo artwork requests it from logo fedoraproject org, stating what they'd like to use it for, and agreeing to those guidelines.

When you make modifications such as the white outline, you are changing the logo (1) against the guidelines, (2) significantly enough that someone could decide to use that version of the logo and threaten the trademark on the logo such that it is indefensible. That's why the logo guidelines exist. I understand this sounds stupid (and I think most if not all of the intersections of law and art are stupid) but that is the way things are so we have to deal with it in order to protect our logo.

So, I strongly recommend removing the white outline on the Fedora logomark.

Besides, things aren't just black and white, it's not like either you follow or
break the rules. The only thing that diverges from the guidelines is the white
outline of the circle.

Right, so would you be willing to consider removing it? The white outline is the only thing I am concerned about.

I would be really disappointed of someone jumped out and argued that those rules
are 100% rigid, even for inside-Fedora projects.

That it is an inside-Fedora project exacerbates the problem, since it seems the logo variation has been officially sanctioned (which it has not) and others may use it.

Instead of this, I would prefer
something like "So, fedora-artwork concluded that the current guidelines don't
contrast well with dark backgrounds. Since this logo is a fedora-artwork
approved solution, we'll incorporate this into the guidelines".

I would not say that the white outline is a fedora-artwork approved solution at this point. I think this is still under discussion.

I can try to contact people within Red Hat to see if the white outline variation is OK or not, but I think it would be far easier to just remove it.


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