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Re: DNA theme for new FC6 browser splash page

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Mar 19 septembre 2006 16:45, Máirín Duffy a écrit :

I can try to contact people within Red Hat to see if the white outline
variation is OK or not, but I think it would be far easier to just
remove it.

When my corp did its last logo change (like every 15 years or so) they
provided and official white outline variation for this problem. The
reasonning being that white outline was the least intrusive change, and
letting people tweak colours or create outline variations on their own was
way worse.

Right, I think this is a great idea - if we can get an officially sanctioned or whatever outline version of the logomark in the logo guidelines then there will be one version rather than leaving it up to people create them which will inevitably result in different variations. (There are a lot of ways you can do a white outline. Thickness, clear to blurred outline, with a drop shadow incolved, etc.) and we want the logo to be consistent.

They also have official monochrome (main dark colour with density
changes), grey level, black on white, white on transparency variants.

I think we need this too. If folks would like to mock some up, I can send them along in a proposal and we can see if we can get them integrated into the guidelines as well.

When putting the logo over a photograph or other problem background
- normal with white outline is used in a signature context (placement on
the photograph is fixed)
- otherwise white over transparency is preffered

No idea how much of this could apply to Fedora

Good ideas! :) Thanks Nicolas.


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