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New background


Thank you for providing your artwork on the new background. Just a
couple of comments.

1. When I view the new background on my Dell laptop the brighter image
did not display as well the original. On this computer I believe
something brighter than the original but darker than the current would
be the best solution. I must add this wasn't as big of an issue on my
desktop. The 810 video chip on the Dell may be the reason.

2. This is just me but I really liked the crystal/glass look of the ball
on the first design. I would encourage you to go back to that concept.

3. It looks like some of the rounded ribbons are more flat. I like that

Given the amount of time and the number of graphics to be finalized I
believe you and Mola are probably the best choice in wrapping this up.
If you keep your status page updated I will be happy to test and provide
feedback on how they look.

If you have a specific need and if you believe inkscape or gimp will
craft it, always willing to help.



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