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Re: New background

John Baer wrote:
1. When I view the new background on my Dell laptop the brighter image
did not display as well the original. On this computer I believe
something brighter than the original but darker than the current would
be the best solution. I must add this wasn't as big of an issue on my
desktop. The 810 video chip on the Dell may be the reason.

Eks...How bad is it? is not well = bad or just not as good when switching between the original and new wallpaper? I've been testing it on my mac laptop, Dell CRT (can't remember the model), hp pavilion f1903 flatscreen and VeiwSonic PT813 CRT...they all look slightly different. The first three being bright and the last one being pretty dark. =( I've come up with a method for testing which is to just see how the icons (along with it's text) and windows look on top of it. Given the context of icons and windows, I think each (bright or dark) looked ok. Please let me know...I can try to tweak it some more.

2. This is just me but I really liked the crystal/glass look of the ball
on the first design. I would encourage you to go back to that concept.

I did/do like the glass sphere as well but in the brighter version it looked less convincing. It looked ok in the smaller pieces but to be consistent I've also changed those to the newer sphere. It was a bit of a hard decision to make and Mola explored quite a few different materials in his renderings for a better fit. We went with this one because it sat well within the existing environment, was fairly clean and still interesting. There had also been a couple of other comments against the glass look because you could see through it and the lack of detail behind it was confusing some people, causing them to have see the helix as disconnected from the strands. I really did like the glass sphere and was a little sad to see that it wasn't really working as well. But I think the new sphere is pretty good. =)

Given the amount of time and the number of graphics to be finalized I
believe you and Mola are probably the best choice in wrapping this up.
If you keep your status page updated I will be happy to test and provide
feedback on how they look.

Excellent.  I've been updating http://people.redhat.com/dfong/fc6graphics/
with new improvements. If you could take a look, test, and make comments on the wiki it would be super. Since as you've noticed, time is running out and the new bits could really benefit from testing. =)

If you have a specific need and if you believe inkscape or gimp will
craft it, always willing to help.

=) I've looked at your splash screen approaches. The ideas were good, though I think a few of them did not match the current theme. We should keep those and bring them up in the next release as possible themes. I really like the fedora tag one. However, your experiments did prompt me to try creating .svg ribbons for the 16 color limitations.

Please take a look at the variations. Let me know 1) if it is too dark/light 2) if the pixelation is tolerable.
note: I had to make the grub lighter because the highlight for text is black.


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