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Re: FC6 Splash Page Submission

O/H John Baer έγραψε:
> Dimitris,
> I apologize for my tardiness in replying to your request for assistance
> with the Fedora default splash page. As you are aware things are moving
> fast in order to provide the highest quality product come release day.

The artwork of FC6 is indeed of the highest quality. Keep up the good work guys
(and gals!).

> With that said, I put together an idea that is a little different from
> the traditional for your consideration.
> It is based on a couple of assumptions.
> 1. The artwork for this page does not have to mirror the artwork of the
> theme.
> 2. The intent of this page is to provide additional information to the
> first time user of fedora and the person who has upgraded their fedora.
> Realizing all appropriate trademarks must be honored, the graphics may
> be adjusted if this is something of interest.
> The submission may be viewed at
> http://www.uthando.net/fc6_startup/dftFedora.html

The design is very nice, I like the simplicity and the colors. Many of the
pieces of your design are much more appealing than the original design.

There are some points that I think we should try to have on the splash page,
even though some of them might limit the design or even make it uglier.

 * Make sure the page feels like "home"; differentiate it from the normal pages
on the Internet. I tried to avoid vertical lines, so that the text blends with
the application (the browser). That's the reason I didn't prefer the version
with the dark header: the simple gradient is simpler and feels more like a start
page and less than an Internet page.

 * Put on the page as much info and as high as possible, so that the user won't
have to scroll down. That's a +1 for the double columns.

 * Avoid sub-pages, since this won't be a website but just an index page.
Separate documents should be on a different page. Put a link "Return to the
index page" on top of it, or include breadcrumbs so that the user won't feel at
any point disoriented.

 * Make sure there is low contrast in the objects/colors and not many boxes and
corners so that it pleasant to as many people as possible.

 * Keep accessibility at a maximum: High contrast (white bg, black text, links
underlined & different color). Remember that this is not a normal webpage: It's
the start page of thousands of people.

So, I tried to incorporate the above in the design as much as possible.

I feel a design like the one you prepared fits more for a web page on the Fedora
Project website. I prefer something like that than what we have on the wiki for
sure: your design might be a good starting point for a redesign of the wiki or
for the future website.

Which reminded me that many people think our website is bad and of low usability
and other websites like the GNOME, Ubuntu or openSUSE are better. :)


> Please note the content is simply to illustrate the design.
> Cheers,
> John
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Dimitris Glezos
Jabber ID: glezos jabber org, GPG: 0xA5A04C3B

"He who gives up functionality for ease of use
loses both and deserves neither." (Anonymous)

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