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There is always room for new ideas


When I look at the thought and effort that went into the design of the current Fedora logo there are many positive things I would comment on. In addition, I would be the first to indicate the logo has been out there for a while and has market recognition.

However, that does not mean discussing a change would be out of order.

One item about the current logo which has challanged myself and other individuals is the complexity and the colors of the design. I believe all would agree simplicity in graphic design is a good thing and the current logo has a lot good things going on. In addition, the colors do not present the logo well. As it scales down the infinity artifact blurs or dissappears altogether.

I suggest as we move toward fedora 7 and the designs we consider the logo be a topic of discussion. Who knows, we may just find ways of improving on a very good design.

As for a mascot, let's not reject an idea until we are sure there is no value in it. As we start brain storming let's put it on the list. It sounds like we have folks with some talent in this area.

> jjm wrote:
> O.K., so, it should be the *Byte* a not infantilizating mascot of FEDORA,
> seriously: it's about graphics design, when it's naive it may  look
> infantile. The other way, a mascot could bring more of sympathy with FEDORA,
> some people like mascots.
> P.S.: don't forget http://jjm.xf.cz
> On 9/25/06, Joachim Frieben <jfrieben freesurf fr> wrote:
> I do, although my twin sister herself designed SUSE's "Gekko" chameleon.
> > Do you think the SUSE's "Gekko" chameleon, the Ximian's "Rupert"
> > monkey,
> >   the Linux's "Tux" penguin or the GNU's gnu are infantile?



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