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Re: New icons draft: menu editor, package manager (Pirut)

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Mer 4 avril 2007 08:45, Luya Tshimbalanga a écrit :
Just made a quick icons for menu editor and package manager based on
current Echo version. In case of 24x24, they will be retouched with
Gimp. More icons will come.

Some remarks (I know I'm a pest):
Better get a remarks so it will be possible to track many issues as possible and fix as we can =)

1. I don't like the menu editor icon at all. If you don't know it's a menu
editor, you won't guess : the menu part is difficult to distinguish, and
the pen is associated with writing text, not composing menus. I'd rework
the menu bit and remove the pen. Probably taking something like the
classic "add line in a table" icon as base. Right now at fist sight it
looks like yet another office/text editor icon.
It was an attempt to reproduce the current menu-editor icons available on FC6.
I will rework it.

Generally speaking the isometric perspective echo chose makes this kind of
icon difficult to create, since it reduces the effective space and slants
common symbols. It works with 3d objects but not with 2d objects and

(Note: I'm typically using >= 100 dpi screens, and they'll only get more
common now Vista lifted the old 96dpi windows resolution clamping. That
means I may see have somewhat smaller pixels than you, with smaller icons)

Ah ah. you use Microsoft Vista reference. =-O
I will take account about the dpi in the future.

2. I'd remove the CD & gray box on the second one (no idea if it's
supposed to be a PC tower case or a CD+manual box). The main
installation/update method is network nowadays, and almost no one gets his
Linux software in cardboard boxes. Maybe a pile of greyed-out closed
packages with one colorful open package in the foreground would work

I am considering using a Globe instead of CD. And yes, the grey box is a PC tower. Be in mind it is just a draft.


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