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Re: New icons draft: menu editor, package manager (Pirut)

Luya Tshimbalanga skrev:
Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Mer 4 avril 2007 08:45, Luya Tshimbalanga a écrit :
Just made a quick icons for menu editor and package manager based on
current Echo version. In case of 24x24, they will be retouched with
Gimp. More icons will come.
Some remarks (I know I'm a pest):
Better get a remarks so it will be possible to track many issues as possible and fix as we can =)

1. I don't like the menu editor icon at all. If you don't know it's a menu
editor, you won't guess : the menu part is difficult to distinguish, and
the pen is associated with writing text, not composing menus. I'd rework
the menu bit and remove the pen. Probably taking something like the
classic "add line in a table" icon as base. Right now at fist sight it
looks like yet another office/text editor icon.
It was an attempt to reproduce the current menu-editor icons available on FC6.
I will rework it.
The problem is that the menu part looks too much like a document (and yes,
the pen adds to that impression). A "add row in table" like icon could work.
Another way could be to show some part of the menu bar, so that it became
distinguishable from a document.

Uno Engborg

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