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Re: Keyboard icons

Martin Sourada napsal(a):
> You lose too... there is a number of qwertz keyboard layout, default Czech and
> Slovak included... There are so many layouts that it is impossible to have three
> keys in most of the layouts on their positions... But if I could suggest... I
> would use Dvorak layout [1], and in the middle of the home row... It could imply
> effectiveness... ;-)
> e.g.
> U I
>  K
> References
> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dvorak_Simplified_Keyboard
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Or, maybe, it just come to my mind, you could use four keys and arrange them so
that they would wield a name of the icon set, e.g.

 C O

It wouldn't use any of the layouts yet it would have a meaning inside...


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