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Echo emblems

I thought I should point out some problem with the current Echo

The echo package currently contains icons of size 48x48 in the
48x48/emblems directory, which makes them appear much too large
in nautilus. Nautilus expects icons that are suitable for use as 
emblems on 48x48 icons in 48x48/emblems, unscaled. E.g. the
48x48/emblems in the gnome icon theme contains icons with sizes 32 (some
other sizes, too). Correct me if I am wrong here, Alex.

Another shortcoming with emblems is that there are no .icon files
in the echo-icon-theme package. These can be used to associate some
meta-data with icons, like attachment points, and, more importantly for
emblems, translated display names. Nautilus shows these names in the
emblems dialog. It might be a good idea to simply copy these from the


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