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Re: Echo Cursors: Initial gallery page created

On 05/04/07, Martin Sourada <martin sourada seznam cz> wrote:

I created initial gallery page for Echo cursors [1]. The NamingSpec [2] seem
complete enough, yet they still need much work, but that can be done parallel
to making the cursors. So, let the fun begin. I would appreciate if everyone
with an idea add a draft of the cursor theme to a Draft section on EchoCursors
wiki [3]. So that we can choose the best and finally start making a theme.


Ben, could you make some digital versions of your sketches? It would be great to
see how it looks in color, and how it works on screen... I am especially
interested in the crossed circle and double arrow at the bottom of your sketch. :-)

Sure; I have been away for these past couple of days and am working
the next couple during my Easter break but will crack on with them
from Sunday*.


Thanks for your efforts!


* - along with all the other crap that builds up after days off! :-p

      ..// seawolf //..
         Ben  Arnold
 e-mail / msn / icq / yahoo
iamseawolf (at) gmail (dot) com

   fedora core  :  artwork
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