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Re: Why not use the default nautilus icon as the file manager icon?

Mark wrote:

i always press nautilus when i actually want to press kate or gedit (asuming they are opened in the taskbar).. simply because they all have almost the same look. Nautilus comes with a good looking clean icon and even a .svg image so why not use that one for the Echo icon theme?

Let me quote from the GNOME HiG to explain why the default Nautilus icon is bad and is wise to replace it:


> Avoid name suggestive icons. Some icons, such as the Nautilus icon, do
> not suggest the program's purpose, but instead suggest the program's
> name. This is less desirable than a functionally suggestive icon,
> because an extra layer of abstraction is added (rather than
> associating file management with an icon representing files, they have
> to associate file management with nautilus with an image of a
> nautilus shell). Additionally it makes it difficult for new users who
> may not know what "Nautilus" is, and hence will not recognize a shell
> icon as the file manager.

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