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Re: Including scalable icons to improve size coverage

Matthias Clasen wrote:
On Thu, 2007-04-19 at 15:00 -0400, Máirín Duffy wrote:

I wonder why Tango is not an option? Or is that upstream, choice c?

I didn't exclude anything, just point out the opinions that I have heard
so far. I'll also point out that gnome, Mist and Tango all have the
problem that we need to do extra surgery to get the fedora logo in the
panel, which is already solved for Echo and Bluecurve.
Hi Matthias!
"start-here" in the naming-spec [1] is intended for distro-logos, although I'm not 100% sure if the panel currently use that or not. You should be able to just patch gnome-icon-theme or Mist and put the fedora logo instead of the gnome-foot in there instead, or create a icon-theme with just the start-here icon and have that inherent, say Mist. Here is a fedora-logo that Stephen Brandt did [2,3,4,5] that goes well together with g-i-t/Mist (and tango-icon-theme).

1. http://standards.freedesktop.org/icon-naming-spec/icon-naming-spec-latest.html
2. http://www.stephenbrandt.com/tango-icons/fedora/fedora16.png
3. http://www.stephenbrandt.com/tango-icons/fedora/fedora22.png
4. http://www.stephenbrandt.com/tango-icons/fedora/fedora32.png
5. http://www.stephenbrandt.com/tango-icons/fedora/fedora.svg
- Andreas

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