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Re: Including scalable icons to improve size coverage

Le vendredi 20 avril 2007 à 12:44 +0100, Charlie Brej a écrit :
> Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> > I forgot to include the modified trim_svg.pl . Charles, could you check
> > why the script failed to restore visibility on one of Echo icon?
> The I have just noticed that some icons refused to show up on my system. 
> I narrowed down the problem to Adobe Illustrator wanting to put "svg:" 
> in front of most tags (but only in some icons). Inkscape can deal with 
> it but gimp/nautilus/eog can't. There are some 20 effected icons but the 
> new version of the script corrects this. It goes through and removes all 
> the svg: from the front of tags.

Means one of the tools is broken. You should never hand-remove
namespaces in XML unless you know what you're doing. They're no here for
show. Did you validate the result at least ?

Nicolas Mailhot

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