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About svg tag

Charlie Brej wrote:
> The I have just noticed that some icons refused to show up on my
> system. I narrowed down the problem to Adobe Illustrator wanting to
> put "svg:" in front of most tags (but only in some icons). Inkscape
> can deal with it but gimp/nautilus/eog can't. There are some 20
> effected icons but the new version of the script corrects this. It
> goes through and removes all the svg: from the front of tags.
You made the mistake of removing all svg:tags. They are essential to
create the image.
 Read my post on

> Another problem I found is that gimp also ignores the visibility
> attrib and displays the hidden objects anyway. This can be seen in
> preferences-desktop-accessibilityL.svg where the old wheelchair object
> is still visible over the new icon. You can search for these using:
> > grep -l display=\"none\" *.svg
> Usually these are just temporary items left behind while creating the
> image, but better make sure they didnt come to the foreground within
> the frame.
I think you have found a bug inside your script.
Compare with preferences-desktop-accessibilityR.svg I posted[1] and
observe the change.
The trick is to remove Remove only non svg: such as <xpacket> inside
<svg: metadata> along with extras space and manually remove unneccesary
<svg:path> inside <svg:g>. Highlight one faulty <svg:path> to spot the
bogus layer in Inkscape image to remove it. Save it with Inkscape. That
should restore the foreground.

The method may be long but it works. So far, I have fixed my own
software-update svgs updated this way. I will be able to post the change
on the wiki later tonight.


I am not sure why the post did not make it. Sorry for duplicating them.
Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Art Team
Fedora Project contributor

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