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Re: Cleaning svg icons report

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le samedi 21 avril 2007 à 12:40 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga a écrit : 
>> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>>> Do you intend to scrub the svg files using the filter I posted
>>> yesterday ? Your files are still full of adobe and inkscape-specific
>>> annotations (one pathological file system-software-updateS.svg shrinks
>>> from 476 KiB to 21 KiB when filtered)
>> I tested your script in combination of charlies's trim_svg script. The
>> size of pathological svg files are dramatically shrinked. Using
>> system-software-updateS.svg as example, the size is now 18 KiB.
> Some more thoughts
> A. I'd be real surprised if you find a file where
> trim_svg + svg-cleanup.xsl ≠ svg-cleanup.xsl alone
> (if you find one send it to me I'd like to know what I missed)
180 pathologic svg downloaded later, I retested svg-cleanup.xsl. It
turned out to be logical.

> B. svg-cleanup.xsl will kill *every* single tool-specific extension, so
> we'll avoid the effect where a tool restarts where it left out ignoring
> changes done in another tool, but if you're editing a file in a single
> app you definitely want to do the cleanup last. It may remove info that
> helps your tool
The tools like Illustrator and Inkscape will automatically add them. I
have tested one sample
svg that can be previewed on nautilus without problem,

> C. I could probably trim the files more by removing XML indenting, but I
> don't think the wins are worth having files one can't easily inspect in
> a text editor.
Not necessary. The size is small enough as long svg icons are smaller
than 100 Kib.

> D. I'd feel better if the result was actually validated against XML
> schemas, we probably need to agree on a svg schema version and package
> it like it's done for docbook.
I think we should do on post Fedora 7 release. The goal is to allow svg
icons to be displayed
on desktop.

> E. if someone feels like it, the stylesheet could probably be enhanced
> to do automatic re-scaling
Is it possible to rescale on say 48x48?
Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Art Team 

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