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Cleaning Echo svg icons update report

I saved the original Echo svg icons affected with issues ( a total of
193). As announced[1], I have made a modifed version[2] that used
Nicolas's script (preserving the xml while remove binary junk).

 A few notes, most of them don't have shadow but those are only minor
issues that don't detract the overall look so it is safe to ignore.

Some icons like battery have different display compared to the png
version which can be easily edited.

Audio variant icons and Applications-Other display an interesting bug on
Nautilus from libsvg library as pointed out by Matthias Clasen.  Those
bugs occured when I scaled these icons.

The original tarball I posted have not been scaled down yet. I have so
far manually scaled 100 of 193 icons. I submit the tarball package
(about 320 Kib size which is a huge improvment) on the wiki so users can
check if these icons correctly display on their desktop.


Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Art Team 

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