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Round 2 Deadline for F8 Artwork Approaching

Hey Fedora Artists!

So, the original Round 2 deadline was this Wednesday, Aug 1, but I extended it to Monday August 6 (I hope you folks don't mind!) so we could have one more weekend to work on things and get stuff polished. As a reminder, here are the requirements for a theme proposal to pass round 2:

"Any ideas that don't have fully fleshed-out and polished artwork, at least 1 wallpaper and let's say 3 supporting graphics, will be out of the running at this point."

"Supporting artwork" means a vertical banner for firstboot, a horizontal banner for anaconda, a login screen mockup, a banner for fedoraproject.org, a CD label design, etc. So to make round 3, make sure you have at least 3 of those in addition to any wallpaper artwork you've done.

Here is the list of themes currently participating in round 2:

1. Infinity
2. Abstract
3. Moon
4. Thunder
5. Feng Shui
6. Floating Cubes

(Fireworks didn't make the deadline for round 1. Nodoka isn't an artwork theme, it's an application/window manager theme so it's not part of this process.)


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