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Re: Virtual FudCon

Nicu Buculei wrote:
I just read about the Virtual FudCon - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JefSpaleta/VirtualFudCon and I think it would be cool for the Art Team to take part in some way.

It is somewhat aligned with the end of Round 2 for the wallpaper theme, so maybe someone want to talk about this or maybe about Nodoka or Echo.

Also we can try to get our own hackfest with work on Nodoka, wallpapers, icons, mascots, website layout, whatever.


Let's do it... I love the hackfest idea, and the F8 theme session idea too - we can make it a general 'come find out what the art team's been up to' session. We can show off Nodoka, and we can show off the theme ideas that made it past round 2 and discuss the ideas behind them and get some feedback from folks outside of the team hopefully! Does anybody have other suggestions for sessions?

Who can commit to running the sessions / participating? We can try to work out times that might work for all the interested parties? I want to help run and/or participate in anything we decide to do. The hours that would work best for me are any time between:

1200 UTC (8 AM EDT) => 0500 UTC (1 AM EDT)


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