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[Nodoka Theme] New Release (0.5.2)


I made some adjustments on my vacation based on the 0.5 version of the
engine and today merged them with the changes Daniel made in version
0.5.1 and released 0.5.2. It's available[1] on the wiki[2]. I also
updated the todo list to be more specific about future development:

 * first stable release
  - clean code
  - fix bugs and rendering issues
  - decide the final look and feel

0.5.90 (0.6 beta 1)
 * Add the shadows where missing
 * Add a make distclean rule to the Makefile
 * Prepare the first variant of final look and feel
 * Tidy up the code
   - remove unneeded comments
   - fix compiler warnings
   - reformat the code to use same coding style (run indent on all

So, as for the visual look, I held it as mostly complete, only in some
cases shadows are missing (frames, menus, notebooks) or should not exist
(spinbutton' button part), people on the fedoraforum seems to dislike
the gradient in tabs, so I will rethink the tab design once more.
Otherwise it's visually complete. So I decided to head for the first
stable release and the first beta (as noted in the ToDo list). I'll try
to update the sketch of the final look to reflect my current vision (and
current state of things) as soon as possible.

Also, the gtk-nodoka-engine package was approved to fedora so you might
expect it in repos soon (probably sometime in the next week).

Thanks for your comments,

[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/NodokaTheme

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