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Re: [Echo Icons] Current adding/fixing/packaging process?

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Hi Martin,

Martin Sourada a écrit :
> Hi,
> with the recent changes in the Echo icons source location I'd like
> to ask some questions.
> 1. What is the current process of adding new icons?

Using your fedorapeople.org account, access to the directory
luya/public_html/images/echo and put your created icons into these
following directories:
- - 16x16 pour small icons (formely used -S suffix)
- - 24x24 pour medium icons (formely used -24 suffix)
- - 48x48 for large icons (formely used -L suffix)
- - SVG for the source icons in svg format (include small, medium and
large icons).

The git account for echo-icon-theme is not ready yet as the
administrators Jesse Keating is busy sorting Fedora 8 Test 1 release.
Make sure to read about git commands[1]

> 2. When is going to be released next package version based on the
> new sources?

Current process is to modify the tarball that contains the new icons
into cvs
> 3. What about symlinked icons? Is there any page to track them?
> Anyone to decide which icons will be just linked? Are the symlinks
> done during rpm packaging or before?

Use gtk-icon-coverage-check[2] to track symlinked icons using
echo-icon-theme as the default on your desktop and follow the
process[3].  echo-pull script[4] will need a overhaul. I don't know
the process to generate index.theme because it is hard to find a
proper document.
> 4. Are we going to update the wiki? The EchoDevelopment page seems
> to be unneeded now.

EchoDevelopment will get details how to add icons and package them. I
suggest to back all these icons as save as original because they will
be removed later. These icons can be seen on
luya.fedorapeople.org/images/echo. I will create a dedicated page for
> 5. In what state it is acceptable for default icon set in release
> (i.e. what currently missing icons MUST be done)?

This page[5] contains the list of missing icons.

If I am missing something, let me know.
> ...
> Thanks, Martin

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