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[Nodoka GTK Theme] new release (0.5.3)


I made a new release which should look [1] mostly how the first stable
(0.6) will look. The changes I made are more cosmetic - I changed the
gradients in tabs, made a scale's fill brighter, removed shadow from
spinbutton, added shadow to frames and added make dist and make
distclean rules to the Makefiles. As the rpms for the engine were
already accepted, imported and built into development it is to be
expected that the rpms will be late after the upstream release (repos
don't get new packages as soon as they are built).

I think this version could be the last before the first beta as the only
things left before the first beta release are code clean up and
optimisations IMHO.

Also I temporarily moved the sources [2] to my fedorapeople page [3] and
asked for hosting on fedora hosted. 

I updated the wiki accordingly [4].

Thanks for your comments, feedback, help, etc.


[2] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/nodoka/gtk-nodoka-engine-0.5.3.tar.gz
[3] http://mso.fedorapeople.org/index.xhtml
[4] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/NodokaTheme

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