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Connecting to (was Re: Virtual FudCon)

Hi folks,

Nicu Buculei wrote:
I just read about the Virtual FudCon - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/JefSpaleta/VirtualFudCon and I think it would be cool for the Art Team to take part in some way.

It is somewhat aligned with the end of Round 2 for the wallpaper theme, so maybe someone want to talk about this or maybe about Nodoka or Echo.

Also we can try to get our own hackfest with work on Nodoka, wallpapers, icons, mascots, website layout, whatever.

So we have both a hackfest and a presentation proposed for the virtual fudcon on the wiki page Nicu mentioned above.

The Fedora infrastructure team also created a conference room for us on the asterisk server:

sip:art fedoraproject org

If you'd like to test out your connectivity, please use ekiga or the sip client of your choice and dial into art fedoraproject org (if you have a sip enabled phone or client that requires an extension number, the extension number for the art conference is 2004.) I'll be in there until about 6 pm Eastern Time (US) today; I have a mic so if I hear you I'll give ya a holler. :)


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