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Round 3

We are a couple of days after 6 August, the end date for Round 2 for themes. As the feature freeze date and deadline for Round 3 is approaching fast (20 August) and a lot of work will be needed, I'll do my usual thing: step on our team leader toes (hoping she will not mind much) and start the talk about Round 3.

We had a simple criteria "any ideas that don't have fully fleshed-out and polished artwork, at least 1 wallpaper and let's say 3 supporting graphics, will be out of the running at this point" and from 6 themes we had in Round 1 only two meet it: Infinity and Abstract.

To move the discussion even further, I will make a very quick review of those themes: - Infinity is taking an opposite approach compared with the elaborated and complex F7 theme, going towards simplicity and cleanliness. Some will like that, other may want something shinier. Probably it could be made more shiny (see the variant with stars); - Abstract uses the "bubble" logo as the central point of the composition, this is something the general opinion leaned against. It also uses very saturated, bright and contrasting colors, something not very good for a wallpaper; - Moon was very close to meet Round 2 criteria, lacking only one more supporting graphic. I really like the wallpaper proposed in Round 2 (tree - fence - moon) but find it too close to the F7 imagery. - Floating Cubes, only with 2 wallpapers got in Round 2 what I think is a bad direction: a big release number as the central element (we agreed in the past release numbers should not be part of the graphics), high use of the "bubble" logo, wordmark in a wrong font and very bright and contrasting colors; - Thunder remained unmodified during Round 2 and it does not have enough supporting graphics; - FengShui remained unmodified during Round 2 and contain only 2 wallpapers, one of which is a blue version of the Ubuntu wallpaper.

Now shoot me. Flame me. Anything, but let's get some work done for Round 3.

One thing I am disappointed so far and expected more is the collaboration between contributors, with one playing and mixing the work produced by the others, something we did better in the early stages of F7 release.

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