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Re: Round 3

Nicu Buculei wrote:
We are a couple of days after 6 August, the end date for Round 2 for themes. As the feature freeze date and deadline for Round 3 is approaching fast (20 August) and a lot of work will be needed, I'll do my usual thing: step on our team leader toes (hoping she will not mind much) and start the talk about Round 3.

Thanks Nicu, I was too late :) Thanks for picking up my slack!

We had a simple criteria "any ideas that don't have fully fleshed-out and polished artwork, at least 1 wallpaper and let's say 3 supporting graphics, will be out of the running at this point" and from 6 themes we had in Round 1 only two meet it: Infinity and Abstract.

It's probably good at this point that we only have 2 qualifying. There is a LOT of work to be done so if we have only 2 to work on it lessens the amount of work spent I think.

What does everybody think about round 3?


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