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Re: Hello everyone, I have arrived.

Hello, yes, it feels good be an artist! This feeling is the fuel for our engines, welcome!


2007/8/10, Michael Beckwith <tw2113 gmail com >:
I am the newest member of the Fedora Art Team.

My name is Michael Beckwith, I have been a bit of a lurker but finally decided to dive in and officially join.

I have been doing linux since February of 2007, so I still have much to learn, but we're working on it. I also graduated from Dakota State University, in Madison South Dakota, with degrees in both Graphic Design as well as Multimedia/Web Development during May and summer of 2007.

Some interests include art, OSS, music, Anti-RIAA, deaf community, society and its errors, and many other things. It'd probably just be best to ask me specifics with examples and i'll confirm or deny.

Damn it feels good to be an artist.

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