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Re: [Nodoka Theme] Are we going to finally enable it?

> I have put a new package up at
> http://people.redhat.com/mclasen/echo-icon-theme-0.3-1.20070809.fc8.noarch.rpm
> It is based on the icons found at people.fedoraproject.org. I had to
> quite a bit of massaging on the icon-naming-utils perl script to most of
> the same symlinks that J5's pull script did. Still, the package contains
> some 100 .pngs less than the last snapshot. Thats why I haven't put it
> in rawhide yet; I'd appreciate if people could check it out and tell me
> if there are any significant regressions that should be fixed. 
> On the flip side, the list of directories in index.theme is much closer
> to reality now than it was in earlier snapshots...
> Small discrepancies noticed while doing this:
> 16x16/mimes/x-office-calendarS-.png 
> should probably be
> 16x16/mimetypes/x-office-calendar.png
> Similar for 24x24.
> Everything under 48x48/apps should probably be moved to
> 48x48/applications.
> Matthias

Just installed it. I will let you know of any missing icons previously
included that I'll notice. I so far noticed that icons for suspend,
calculator, terminal, e-mail and shutdown are not displayed, but present
in the package.

  icon name: system-standby.png
  missing symlink: screensaver.png ?!
  icon name: accessories-calculator.png
  missing symlink: gnome-calculator.png
  icon name: utilities-terminal
  missing symlink: gnome-terminal.png (probably even more)
  icon name: internet-mail.png
  missing symlink: redhat-email.png
  icon name: system-shutdown.png
  missing symlink: gnome-shutdown.png

The listed symlinks are those I needed to create to make these icons
display in most obvious place - the gnome menus.


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