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Re: Nodoka theme

On Sun, 2007-08-12 at 22:55 +0200, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> I've built redhat-artwork and libgnome packages that switch the default
> theme in rawhide to Nodoka. I've also noticed some areas where the 
> nodoka theme engine still needs some work:

> - inconsistent radio, check and toggle buttons are not drawn properly
This might be connected with check buttons positioning issue in
firefox's menus, I noticed recently. It slipped because I don't use
firefox and in all applications I use it was drawed and positioned

> - fill levels in ranges are not handled very well
GTKScale, GTKProgressBar or both? It seems there is a small issue in the
progress bar fill rendering, but I didn't noticed any issues in GTKScale

> - resize grips other than south-east are not implemented
Inheritance from murrine. But as I looked previously in the code, it
should not be hard to implement. Are there actually used anywhere? I
didn't see them in other place yet...

> - spin button arrows don't prelight at all
Yup, I think the spin button needs some work yet. Prelighted arrows are
currently only in scroll bars.

> All of these problems can be checked with testgtk, which is included
> in the gtk tree (you'll have to build it yourself, though).
Thanks, I'll try it. Every test tool is of great help (and testers as
well). I hope we'll be granted space on fedora hosted so that we can run
some kind of bugzilla to better track the issues.

> Matthias 


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