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Re: Fedora Infinity Update

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Lun 13 août 2007 08:47, Jiri Jakub Masek a écrit :
Hi Máirín, I like them, the fourth is the best, the third looks good
but I
can't accept the perspective of *pyramid steps*, it needs more work on
dimensions to look naturally, I think...

I'm afraid I'm going to complain about colours again :)

Purple is to be used very sparingly in artwork. You'll almost never
see largely purple pages in ads or magazines, because that's a colour
many people don't react well too (learnt it the hard way a few years
ago). Seems we're wired to associate purple with sickness.

This sounds like a bit of an urban myth? I've never heard of this and I've a design degree - I would love to know where you've heard this?

If you do purple you need a very contrasting colour so the result does
not appear predominantly purple. That or a red fringing.


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