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Re: Fedora Infinity Update

Le Lun 13 août 2007 13:22, Máirí­n Duffy a écrit :

> This sounds like a bit of an urban myth? I've never heard of this and
> I've a design degree - I would love to know where you've heard this?

In a previous life I helped organise an event. We organised a
competition to choose the picture that would appear on brochures,
leaflets, ads, etc The design winner was purplish (with a bluish
gradient, just like your mokups).

The print shop warned us this was not a popular colour and we'd be
well advised to ask the designer to change the main tone. We went
through anyway. On hindsight this was a mistake - we had many remarks
on the colour, and even today I have mixed feelings when I  look at
the art material I kept as a remembrance (esp compared to the ones
produced by the teams that organised the previous and next iterations)

Since then I've looked twice whenever I encounter purple artwork. I've
found out the print shop was right - it is very rarely used, and when
it is   it's predominently with a hard contrasting colour (black,
silver, white) to tone down the purple impression. The very few cases
I've seen it in a big gradient were somehow less than optimal just
like our own attempt.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing :(

Nicolas Mailhot

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