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Re: Fedora Infinity Update

I put together in gimp some different colour variants of the fourth
wallpaper, as I like that one most of all. The purple somehow reminds me
of Christmas - not a good thing in the middle of summer :-D... So I made
in inkscape two blue gradients (brigther and darker) and in gimp
desaturated the original version and combined it variously with the
gradients. The first one [1] I include only because I think there is
some feeling in it, but it's not good for default Fedora wallpaper...
Its too bright and has no trace of blue ;-) But it's somehow mystical...
The second [2] is light blue and third [3] is darker blue. The dark one
seems to look best on a desktop.

Máirín, do you want me to do a screenshots of your wallpapers together
with rawhide's default gnome theme? I don't run rawhide, but use the
nodoka theme which was recently made rawhide's default and also have
installed the rawhide's default icons (which are the same as in Fedora
7). However, IMHO, the wallpapers fit Echo icons better than the Mist
ones... Do you have any special request as to what app(s) should be used
on it? Note, however, that I have wide (16:10) screen so the wallpapers
will be cut...



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