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Re: Using git command and trac

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Martin Sourada a écrit :
> On Tue, 2007-08-14 at 10:10 +0200, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
>> Martin Sourada a écrit :
>>> Well, sorry... this should be: git push
>>> ssh://git.fedoraproject.org/git/hosted/echo-icon-theme
>> That was the last command I needed to execute. I have followed
>> the instruction from this page[1]. The push command was missing.
>> Thanks.
>> Luya
>> [1]http://www.fieldses.org/~bfields/kernel/git.html
> Yep, I can clone the repository now :) I see though that you used
> an older snapshot than that on luya.fedorapeople.org and included
> the symlinks as well. And so, because it's in a directory with
> version number included (echo-icon-theme-0.2-20070427wiki), where
> are we supposed to upload new icons? Are you going to create the
> final layout yet, or is the current layout final?
> Martin

Actually, I overwrote the directory of echo-icon-theme-0.2 with the
more recent version found on
luya.fedorapeople.org. Only theme.index has not changed yet. I renamed
the folder "echo-icon-theme-0.3-1" to reflect the transition from
wiki. Hope Matthias does not mind at all. I think some svg icons might
miss so feel free to add them.

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