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Echo icons reworked guidelines draft


We talked about the Echo icons yesterday with Máirín at the IRC and we
thought that the Echo icons are not ready for the inclusion in the
Fedora as default icon set not only because missing icons, but also
because there seems to be multiple styles used, which is not good. So I
though we should tighten a little the guidelines and make them as
complete as possible. Because I didn't want to break the old guidelines
page [1] I made a new one [2]. I mostly followed the example on Tango
Icons guidelines and I hope I didn't miss anything. It's a draft and I
am asking you for a verification/clarification of the guidelines. If you
feel that something is missing or is wrong, feel free to add/fix it on
the wiki.

I hope we can finally make a complete and final guidelines and review
all the icons to check whether they follow them or not and if not then
fix them. I think that this step is necessary and that in the feature
we'll need to be more strict with following the guidelines.


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