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[Echo Icons] help needed in cleaning SVG icons.


the SVG icons have several more or less serious issues. I've already
fixed those most bad ones (non-square icon sizes and some of the worst
garbage removal from inkscape). We need more, however. Here is the list
of what is needed to do with the SVG icons currently.

a) make them smaller in means of space on disk - vacuum defs in inkscape
does very good job at this (I already run it on some icons), it would be
great if we could do more automatically, opening each icon in inkscape
is just slow...

b) fix the positioning. The positioning must the same as in 48x48 png
counterparts. Currently the SVG usually are slightly bigger

c) add shadows. The shadows must be same like in their 48x48 png
counterparts. It's possible to make a shadow in and then export png, in
order to be same.

d) fix various rendering issues. Many icons made in Adobe Illustrator
just don't display as they should. All SVG icons MUST look like their
48x48 png counterparts.

Maybe I forgot something but this is already a lot of work to do. Hope
you will help to fix the issues so we can eventually the echo icons
default in Fedora 9.


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