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Echo Icons Guidelines Discussion: Using perspectives


you've probably noticed that I started rewriting of the Echo Icon Theme
Guidelines [1]. I´d like the community to be involved in the guidelines
creation as much as possible, so I'll start discussions here on the art
list and possibly on the irc on #fedora-art channel (at
irc.freenode.net) on each guidelines part separately. This is the first
one. I am hoping that this approach will prove useful and will lead to a
creation of a high quality guidelines which would help us in the
creation of the Echo icon set.

So, each icon set needs at least these four icon sizes: 16x16, 22x22,
24x24 and 48x48 because these are widely used in linux. In echo icons we
have so far used three different types of perspectives: straight,
slightly tilted table and isometric [2]. Not all perspectives are
however useful for all sizes. I therefore propose, with respect to the
current usage of perspectives, this guideline.

1. straight perspective would be used for all icons in 16x16 sizes and
for action icons in 22x22 and 24x24 sizes.

2. slightly tilted table perspective would be used for bigger action
icons (32x32, 48x48 and scalable)

3. isometric perspective would be used for the rest

My purposes for this division are these:

a) slightly tilted table is not very useful at small sizes, but look
good at bigger sizes (32x32 and more)

b) straight perspective is very useful for very small sizes but looks
flat in bigger sizes, while we'd like the icons to look 3D

c) isometric perspective works great for most of the sizes and IMHO
allows good detail even in as small sizes as 22x22. 16x16 is however too
small even for this.

d) we started using slightly tilted perspective for the action icons and
isometric for the rest, I think this imaginary division of the icons to
two groups is a very good idea

e) too many different styles confuse user and if we use more types of
perspectives in one icon group in one size variant it both looks not
very good and generates such different styles.

I hope to hear comments on these from you. I am available on the irc
usually between 0900UTC and 2300UTC most days, my nick is msourada.



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